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I wonder how normal it is to get randomly invited on the street to become a model. Because that's a thing that just randomly happened to me.

Got my second vaccine jab today. Surprisingly, I'm not feeling any side-effects unlike last time :blobcatOwo:

Just lost €264 worth of HRT because Postnord is incompetent. Apparently a postal worker forgot to apply a sticker and now they can't find it.

I think I'm attracting more attention for being sapphic than I am for being trans. I kissed my girlfriend on a train the other day and someone said “cute”

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cis software people are always like
"lol lets not add a way to change your username"
"lets make past username history available to anyone"
"lets make username changes into microtransactions"
"im sure it will be fine lol, who needs to change their name anyway"

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Having a picnic with 6 swedes, all but one of whom are strangers. Speaking Swedish would have been an advantage :blobcatXD:

On my way to Sweden by train. It's weird to think that I haven't even been outside of Denmark for the past 1½ years

I should renew my passport. I'm very much on the fence between getting an X or an F in it. I am technically somewhat female.

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I'm planning a short trip to Sweden this week. I hope the authorities don't take issue with the fact that my passport is of a man that looks like he is my brother.

Although they're more likely not going to check because I look sufficiently Scandinavian.

Today is the first day that my one vaccine shot is legally effective. I can now do things in Denmark as if I had gotten tested :blobcatOwo:

New tea :blobcatOwo:

A gyokuro and 2021 Yame shincha.

I bought last year's Yame shincha after getting it recommended by a friend. It was great.

My immune system really isn't liking this Pfizer vaccine.

The Danish healthcare authorities have finally blessed me with a set of vaccine appointments. And the first one is in just 7 days :blobcatSurprised:

My mom just revealed what cis people say about me when I'm not in earshot:

That I'm beautiful :blobcatUwuCry:

I'm at a party. I think I must pass because someone just mistook me for my brother's wife and congratulated me on giving birth to my nephew :blobcatAwauu:

I'm now headed home after visiting my partner for the past 5 days. I look forward to seeing her again :blobcatInLove:

The white train conductor of this train just checked the ticket of a Somali woman while speaking Somali.

Apparently he was a UN soldier stationed in Somalia.

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Currently on a 4 hour train trip to visit my partner at the other side of the country :blobcatOwo:

Today was my first time wearing a dress. Not something I had planned just something I realised after the fact.

And it was on a date with a cute girl too :blobcatOwo:

Been visiting my new partner for the last couple of days. Has been cozy :blobcatPuffyMorning:

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