My trade union hasn't called me in two years. I wonder how much they were paid by the Danish military to personally invite me to a webinar about career opportunities for engineers.


@cantinto Cypro and sublingual estradiol tablets :blobcatPuffyBlep:


@cantinto I noticed my shirt was wet after my laptop had weighed down on my breasts. When I pressed on them several droplets of milk came out.

I'm 15 months HRT.


Apparently I leak breast milk now. HRT is weird.

Here's some photos I took in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen) this Wednesday.

These are actually the first photos I've ever taken in manual mode on a good camera :blobcatCamera:

Met up with a friend in Copenhagen yesterday. They took this photo of me.

@enigmatico @glow @ocean cars are bad for many more reasons beyond being expensive and causing dangerous collisions. They also:

4. Kill people indirectly via air pollution
5. Take up space in cities in the form of roads and parking spaces
6. Are environmentally unsustainable even if electric
7. Cause noise pollution
8. Restrict the movement of pedestrians

@wilmhit @glow @ocean my city is doing something like that in some places but with a tramway instead of wide sidewalks.

@ocean @glow also it just sounds very boring to constantly be paying attention to the road. I've never considered getting a driver's license and I'm happy to use public transport.

My city is building a tramway, improving bicycle infrastructure, and reclaiming pedestrian spaces which is all good.

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I find it amusing that I can have meaningful online conversations in Norwegian with just some help from a dictionary. I've practiced for a little over a month.

Verbal conversations are a different story though. Especially since dialects are a thing.

I think it's wild that half a year ago I was single and very lonely. Now I have 3 girlfriends and a date with a very close friend. This is quite a change.

@IngaLovinde even if I were to buy individual tickets for all 3 rail companies (DSB, Skånetrafiken, Vy) when I visit my girlfriends in Oslo, it is still so much cheaper to just take a plane. I wish Scandinavian trains were cheaper. I think. Still waiting for Vy to continue operating international trains again.

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We need an united European train fares and reservation system already.

Just idly checking train prices:
Barcelona-Paris, 20th October, 10:05-16:50: 29 euro on RENFE website. The very same train: 122 euro on SNCF website.

(Munchen-Hamburg, which has a similar route length: 18 euro, or 13.40 with BahnCard 25)

(Also that means that Barcelona-Berlin is doable via Paris/Frankfurt in 21 hour and 70 euro, but not the other way around)

Apparently a friend of mine spoke about my struggles with Danish transcare to a government MP so now I'm invited to a meeting at the Danish parliament.


NSFW, transphobia 

My psychologist at the gender clinic in Odense wrote in my journal that I primarily receive during anal sex. Which is interesting because I have never said that, nor even tried it.

I actually told him that transfems don't have sex like cis gay men, but I guess I've now been diagnosed as BOTTOM :blobcatRollingEyes:

This guy supposedly sees trans people's gender identity as a product of their sexuality rather than the other way around. It's so weird that he just so fundamentally misunderstands transfem sexuality when he's so fixated on it.

Turns out that learning a new language is slightly more difficult when you're also trying to speak in a feminine voice.

I did actually already have a passport with my name in it, but it's very flimsy and it expires tomorrow

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