@ella In theory you could do that with Java, but it gets tricky because you can end up with multiple versions of the same class if old instances are still referenced.


@MxCraven I was in a similar mood a couple of days ago. Luckily I did get around to finishing that so that I could get fucked.

re: gayposting 

@ella yeah why *are* you so cute? Explain yourself :blobcatKnifeBaby:

@steph Where I live, it takes about as long to get a psychiatrist for ADHD as it takes to get on HRT.

9 months.

you've been warned 

@ella I auto-expand CWs. I did not receive adequate warning :blobcatPout:

Past week has been very stressful. So will most of this week be.

I'm rather looking forward to having the time and energy to see some of my friends again.

re: misinformation 

@ella let's rebel against IANA. Seize the means of address allocation :blobcatYandere:

re: misinformation 

@ella You wouldn't pirate an IPv6 :blobcatKnifeBaby:

re: misinformation 

@ella I own ::1 you can't have it it's mine :blobcatHmpf:

re: german politics 

@lis In Denmark we have a central platform for sensitive documents, secured behind compulsory 2FA. It works rather well and can even sign legal documents.

Though there's still the problem that there's no e2ee. Probably still safer than the average Dane's email account.

re: lewd 

@ella wait that's illegal :blobcatKnifeBaby:

A friend just offered to let me stay at their place for Worldpride this summer :blobcatOwoHappy:

Today I discovered that you can follow daily COVID-19 statistics in Denmark via Teletext (Tekst-TV) page 650


Also, »vedkommende« is usually only used to refer to hypothetical people.

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Apparently according to Facebook in Danish, my pronoun is »vedkommende«, which ironically isn't a pronoun. That's just a verb used to refer to a relevant person.

Looks like they went for a mix of pronoun omissions and some otherwise weird wording.

They could have just used de/dem, which could just as well be our they/them.

A friend just called me nyanbinary :blobcatUwu:

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