Selfie, EC 

I visited my metamour and she tried turning me into a fox enby

New tea :blobcatOwo:

A gyokuro and 2021 Yame shincha.

I bought last year's Yame shincha after getting it recommended by a friend. It was great.

Today I discovered that you can follow daily COVID-19 statistics in Denmark via Teletext (Tekst-TV) page 650

A friend wanted me to prove that the skirt goes spinny. Indeed it does.

You ever wake up to see how one of the open source IDE plugins you use has transitioned from Apache-licensed to an EULA with a monthly subscription cost?

You can tell that this address entry UI was designed in Germany. I have no idea why they are even asking for titles.

This is a company that shows queer people in their ads.

Just playing a game of chess. A game of chess with 8 time dimensions.

I created an SVG file in a text editor some time ago. Apparently consistency is too much to ask for.

1. Correct rendering (Gecko, Chromium, Webkit, Cairo)
2. Misaligned text (Inkscape, imagemagick)
3. Missing text (Thunar, GNOME Image Viewer)
4. Refusing to use a mask (Karbon)


A friend once served me pan-fried burritos and I tried to replicate that today. So crunchy :blobcatHungry:

LaTeX tables are hard. The cell colours are overlapping my horizontal lines :blobcatPuffyHuh:

New toys just arrived.

Normally I'd be using the university workshops but oh well.

Mildly NSFW 

DuckDuckGo gave me exactly what I asked but not what I was expecting

First time getting a document issued with the right gender marker on it. This is a negative COVID test travel document.

The English translations are a bit ironic.

2020 brick vs 1670 brick.

Currently visiting my parents' 351 year old house.

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