I started dating two Norwegian girls and now I suddenly have an urge to travel to Oslo this week. For gay purposes.

This would be a lot easier if I had a passport with my name on it :blobcatSweats:

I'm fortunate that Norway will let me enter the country from Saturday because I got vaccinated last week.

@freya Was that your first or second dose? I'm in a similar situation where I wanna go to Oslo to meet two cuties I met here, but from what I've gathered, since I've only had my first dose, I need to wait 3 weeks before crossing the border. :)


@lesbian_subnet 23rd June and 23rd July. I was initially supposed to get a shot today, but then the government bought a million doses from Romania.

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@freya Grr. I wanna see Norway too! Weh! >w< Sweden little slow.

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