One day I should probably set up a second Linux user for work. I think it would be easier for me to unwind if I had separate virtual environments.

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@freya I was thinking about that at some point, but between flexible working hours and the silent expectation that I will jump in to debug things for other teams at whatever daytime hour it would probably be a bit problematic for me

@michcio that sounds like my work but I don't see the problem.

I can just run two different user sessions and switch between them with a keyboard combo.

@freya Hmm, doesn't that partially defeat the point of the separation and unwinding if it's that easy to switch?

@michcio Maybe but there are some benefits:

- I can separate chat applications and the like
- I can make the sessions visually distinct, e.g. with different accent colors for instance
- I can keep files separate
- Because switching is easy, I can do it between pomodoro work sessions

I would probably also want to clean up a session (e.g. close open browser tabs) when switching, thus conserving resources and increasing the cost of switching.

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