I created an SVG file in a text editor some time ago. Apparently consistency is too much to ask for.

1. Correct rendering (Gecko, Chromium, Webkit, Cairo)
2. Misaligned text (Inkscape, imagemagick)
3. Missing text (Thunar, GNOME Image Viewer)
4. Refusing to use a mask (Karbon)

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@freya The missing text is likely behind the black ring.

Because yeah... Who cares about draw stacks?

@freya Nice. No idea. I've had text that shows as in front in Inkscape go behind in webview, but I do have minimal SVG experience and certainly not writing it by hand. They're magical to me.

@MxCraven I once developed a robot that would parse an SVG file and plot the paths out on a piece of paper. So I at least have some experience myself :blobcatPuffyBlep:

@freya sounds very similar to the issues I've encountered while making :chaos:
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