New toys just arrived.

Normally I'd be using the university workshops but oh well.

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It's been nearly 3 years since I've last worked with electronics. Back then I built a table-size voice-controlled robot that would move pieces around on a chessboard using magnets.

For a beginner's electronics course in gymnasium.

@freya NFC chip in upper right, but also a fan next to it… is this a Set of Pretty Much Everything a Beginner Might Want to Play With?

@michcio basically a comprehensive Arduino-clone set.

@freya i remember back when i was in a robotics club in high school all i bought was an atmega8 board, some LEDs, a 4x4 keyboard and the programmer thingie. and i'm only buying the cool stuff like NFC and GPS and what-not now that i have money.
and then just stashing it in my drawer because i can't find time to play with it :blobcatSweats: i should change that

@michcio I've had an RPi3 and a few components from China stashed in a box for years. The only use I've had from the RPi was using it as a mekeshift wifi router for some time.

@freya i have one raspi from each generation (except 4 and newer) and when i moved out from my parents i finally found a good use for one of them (to get remote access to my flat network, at least until my flatmate bought an openwrt router and installed vpn software on it)

recently i took a pi2 and an e-paper shield out of the drawer and made an internet radio appliance for the living room for my dad, that was fun

i wonder if there's anything fun i can make for my brother's 18th birthday next week out of the stuff in the drawer

@michcio Internet radio could be a fun project. I just need some proper speakers.

@michcio I've also thought of creating an alarm that syncs with my calendar. Could even combine that with the radio and have it gently increase the volume to wake me up.

@freya mmm i guess that's nice (though personally i haven't used an audible alarm in a long time)

@freya my dad has a nice hifi and speakers so that part was out of my scope
and the whole code was like 5 small and ugly python scripts

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