This is an absolute slog but it feels like I'm getting somewhere with this Nim + Sphinx stuff!

@aurita so the bad news is that most of the comments are missing from the AST.

However they're present if you use `repr` to convert it back to human readable Nim code. So at least this makes finding the items of interest and extracting their comments easier than if I had to parse the whole file from scratch.

@aurita holy crap yeah, I can't believe I didn't think of this :blobcatFacepalm:

I'll try it this evening, thanks!

Using Sphinx to document a Nim project *should* be a breeze because they both use RST for markup.

But sadly there's no easy way to extract the signatures and comments from the Nim files... I have to either write a hefty utility program that uses the Nim compiler as a library, or write my own parsing logic in Python.

@mrjunge it's a nice idea, but will the games still be any good by then? 😅

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@jk Oh lord please send me back to when dubstep was new

Japanese Music Labels Let Me Buy Your Music Challenge 2021

Overslept... Missed a boring 2 hour meeting, woke up feeling extra refreshed. So I guess it's a win?

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=== GBA Winter Jam '21 ===

Starting 1 week from now, make something for the GBA in the month of December!

@The_T yesss that would be awesome! I really need to revisit the first jam myself too, I had so much fun judging them. Varooom track layout is forever etched in my memory. :blobcatMeltThumbsUp:

This is a relaxed jam with no voting or prizes, just for fun!

You can also use it as a chance to finish something you were already working on.

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=== GBA Winter Jam '21 ===

Starting 1 week from now, make something for the GBA in the month of December!

When I updated the LineageOS ROM on my phone, the alarm sound changed for all my existing alarms.

I actually like the new sound better! The catch is that it doesn't exist anywhere in the dropdown menu... So now I've got no way to set my favourite sound for new alarms :blobcatFacepalm:

> spend literal weeks trying to get inkscape to export your logo cleanly

> give up and take a screenshot of the window instead

@prehensile I know because someone in the roguelikes discord posted ferrets every day for a whole year. good times tbh

Even Wikipedia has resorted to dialogues where the options are "Yes" and "Maybe Later". This is truly the darkest timeline.

@Miaourt a decade ago I wrote a game in iFile on my jailbroken iPod Touch. I would never do it again xD

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