analogue pocket mini review 

- Best display ever
- Superb build quality, buttons feel great
- Smooth, responsive & accurate emulation
- In theory, GBA picture doesn't upscale perfectly, but it seems flawless to me.

- It's too fucking heavy!
- Early batch imperfections (my A-button doesn't fire sometimes, for other folks it's a touchy d-pad or a loose cartridge slot)
- Dock has specific power requirements, but they only provide a US power adapter, so good luck Europe lol.
- Flashcart compatibility is hit-and-miss.
- Firmware is currently very limited.

Overall I give it 8/10, but would give 9/10 after firmware update and jailbreak comes along.

Given the quality I'm honestly surprised the pocket is not more expensive. I think it's well worth the asking price of $220. The accessories seem totally overpriced though, so I guess it balances out.

analogue pocket mini review 

for anyone reading this from the future after they've announced a tiny machine called the "analogue pocket mini" - hi, how's your day going


analogue pocket mini review 

Also I didn't mean to phrase it as if I was from the US. The dock PSU caught me off guard in the UK - I thought "I'll just use my Switch power supply" but sadly that's not suitable :blobcatSmileSweat:

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