Hello RaRu World!

Will migrate properly later, now's Fridey Chill Time~

@esheep >Chill Time

Whilst i’m melting in humidity 😭 Tempted to go to the office just for AC

@calv It's super hot here too! Almost tempted to just go sleep in the basement >w<

@esheep I was just about to question why you had a cave 👀 Is that just a language translation thing or just a brain fart?

Always assumed you were from the UK

@esheep Lol okay i guess you don’t wanna say that’s cool 😁

@esheep @calv Sheep has always been, always is, and always will be. Our sweet sheep exist outside of our plane of reality,in a state of eternal kindness, warmth, and comf. :esheep:

@esheep @calv Sheep lives on Grassy Grazing Hill in Sheeplandia
Next to the Baaah Baaah Brook

@esheep also i wish we had a basement and also no cats atm.

can be cute unless it’s humid, in which case they can be annoying as heck especially if i’m downstairs and i can’t have windows open 😭

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