Mechanic keyboard fans, what are the switch you'd recommend me that have short travel / low profile, and VERY EARLY tactile feel (kinda don't move until you put enough pressure on them to activate them)

Kinda mimic-ing silicones domes I guess lol

I'm looking for preferably small fully 1gbit capable computer with 2 networking ports. Now if can't just be low performance box either. It has to be capable of acting as high performance router. That includes but isn't limited to VPN and proxy duties. Low power consumption is a benefit but it shouldn't be a pain to deal with. That basically disqualifies all ARM SBCs. If you know anything that can fulfill those requirements please share. Thank you. Intel NUC is around the biggest I want it to be.

Had to solve a captcha
"Click all the images with a bus"

One of them is an airliner with an Airbus logo on the side

What do I do?

Metroid Dread: we're encouraging exploration and sequence breaking

Also Metroid Dread:

If I ask keyboard fans out there for "hackable membrane keyboards" what do you have in stock ?

Back 4 Blood is out, and apparently there's crossplay? OwO

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