I must say, the smell of burnt building is quite specific. I can't say I like it, and I'm not sure I've processed anything properly yet...

Glad no-one was harmed though

long, introduction 

Hello there, it is me, Emma.

I'm pretty sure so far I've not made a proper introduction post on any of the instances I've joined...
I think after ~2+ years of fedi I am confident enough that I will stay for another while, to finally put some effort into this.

So yeah, it's me, a trans girl from Germany. I'm too old and have weird hobbies.
I'm super behind on my transition, it's frustrating but I feel kinda stuck in my situation, which makes moving forward difficult.

Overall I rarely post stuff, since I often just fell like I have nothing of (positive) value to add. Trying to overcome that barrier / attitude though, finding more meaning in the small :)

Some of this is also in my bio, but I enjoy programming things sometimes, especially if it is something that I want to use.
I am currently studying computer science, kinda overwhelmed by online study, and the world I guess, but figures.

I sometimes try to better my drawing skills, or play around with 3d modeling, though it seems I have trouble visualizing stuff.

Thanks for reading, not sure I've missed anything, but y'all are valid, :bun: out!


A cool community, I guess.