I guess this is a mistake only I could muster, swapping a motherboard.

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Gee I'm a big dum idiot... I infact did not mount my motherboard properly... Turns out I forgot to screw it to the case, it was only held in place by the pci slot screws of my gpus...

cw: technical issues, rant 

This really is me, spending my mornings well.

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cw: technical issues, rant 

I currently have the """pleasure""" of working with Wolfram Mathematica for a Uni assignent, and I had lots of fun finding out, that the wolfram cloud browser editor fancies it's 3-5GB of memory.
Firefox does not like that shit. Keeps swapping and garbage collecting or whatever. I'll gladly not use that scourge ever again, if I can avoid it.

PCI passthrough is amazing though. It has officially retired my windows boot. (until it breaks)

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long, linux virtualization, ipv6 

Honestly I don't quite know what to do with the prevoius motherboard, it's a 9 month old ASRock X570 Pro 4 and it should be pretty decent, it just does not play well with linux / my cpu (Ryzen 2700X)

I wanted to go for X570 at the start to be able to upgrade only the CPU later on, but it turns out I possibly picked the worst motherboard for my use case (linux, virtualization stuff)

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long, linux virtualization, ipv6 

This needs just a tiny bit of backstory, but I do feel quite stupid right now...

In prep for a planned CPU upgrade I got a new motherboard. This one has a second GPU slot that is actually useable, unlike on the board I used before-- So I got my old GPU out and started playing around with libvirt+qemu

Honestly most things were a breeze, infact, I don't even think I technically need a new CPU. It's enough for 1080p 60 fps on High (pretty much what I get bare metal in windows with that GPU)

Just one thing:
I spent basically a whole night, trying to finagle the right xml voodoo

I wanted to let the vm access the host at its public ipv6, this should not be this hard.... ffs

Anyway, earlier I realized in my frustration, how stupid I was, trying to get the virtual routing (or whatever it needs) to work... when the god damn motherboard has two separate LAN interfaces.

At purchasing I was most bewildered by this, since I couldn't imagine any use case for it... Now I am so glad to have it. Just passed the whole device to the VM. Now it's just a separate entity directly connected to my (rather meager) unmanaged switch.

What a dream, also so much wasted effort...

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dunno like general PSA there are shitheads on this website
and tbh
don't engage. literally just don't. it's not worth it. protect your mental health, hit the block, forget about it


I must say, the smell of burnt building is quite specific. I can't say I like it, and I'm not sure I've processed anything properly yet...

Glad no-one was harmed though

long, introduction 

Hello there, it is me, Emma.

I'm pretty sure so far I've not made a proper introduction post on any of the instances I've joined...
I think after ~2+ years of fedi I am confident enough that I will stay for another while, to finally put some effort into this.

So yeah, it's me, a trans girl from Germany. I'm too old and have weird hobbies.
I'm super behind on my transition, it's frustrating but I feel kinda stuck in my situation, which makes moving forward difficult.

Overall I rarely post stuff, since I often just fell like I have nothing of (positive) value to add. Trying to overcome that barrier / attitude though, finding more meaning in the small :)

Some of this is also in my bio, but I enjoy programming things sometimes, especially if it is something that I want to use.
I am currently studying computer science, kinda overwhelmed by online study, and the world I guess, but figures.

I sometimes try to better my drawing skills, or play around with 3d modeling, though it seems I have trouble visualizing stuff.

Thanks for reading, not sure I've missed anything, but y'all are valid, :bun: out!


A cool community, I guess.