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ah yes the apartment is now at that wonderful winter temperature where my extremities are always cold but my underarms are always sweating. i love this time of year.

you know those ladies' shirts that have long sleeves but holes over the shoulders? I need one of those where the holes are under the arms instead. do they make those?


things could be different
but they're not

The Devil and Daniel Johnston 

they even did closeups of his mouth while they're drilling the tooth what the hell guys seriously this is not what i signed up for.

great movie otherwise though.

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The Devil and Daniel Johnston 

who decided that Gibby Haynes should be interviewed while getting dental work done? and the dentist is just going about his business like this is all perfectly normal.

this is too ridiculous for me to take. i have to pause the film for a few minutes to collect myself.

more SOS tool descriptions 

hoe: What is the sound of one hoe tilling?

watering can: When you gaze long enough into the can, the can gazes back into you.

sickle: Symbolizes the ephemeral nature of all things, especially the things you cut with.

axe: If a tree falls in the middle of the woods, does it drop any lumber?

hammer: The ultimate in applied knowledge. Excelsior!

milker: Transports you halfway to the land of milk and honey.

clippers: Dazzle animals everywhere with your shear brilliance.

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the highest tool quality in story of seasons is "philosopher." i never bothered to read the descriptions on the tool blueprints, but i just noticed the philosopher ones are pretty clever.

like the brush: "Brushes away dirt, fleas and shared societal delusions."

this ladybug really wants to fly through my ceiling and/or wall. i don't think it's going to succeed.

the librarian said you can't buy no respect

i have a deck of playing cards. it's reasonably well used but the jokers are not. shuffling the jokers into the deck has two notable effects. the first one is obvious but the second is a bit of a surprise.

1. i can find their exact positions just by looking at the side of the deck and finding their clean white edges among the years of human grime. gross.

2. after around four shuffles the jokers will almost certainly have worked their way together and in following shuffles will refuse to let other cards between them. must be because they're stiffer and straighter than the other cards? not quite sure on that one.

the mighty morphin power rangers theme song wasn't great but it really sticks with you somehow

dear charter:

would you like me to pay my internet bill? i would like to pay my internet bill. your website does not appear to want this so much. i think you should talk to your website and bring it around here, get it on our side.

i finally figured out what was stolen from my storage cage. cordless drill and car diagnostic reader.

the drill was a gift from dad because i'm a Man and Men should have Tools and the only time i used it was to take apart my bed when moving. the reader was also from dad but he just gave it to me to get rid of it when he got a better one for himself and i've never needed to use it.

so both are worth some modest money but i never really had much need for them. i guess if it helps cover the guy's rent or drugs or whatever it's a net positive.

sudden fond memories of that bit in cheers when they get a karaoke machine and norm and cliff just sing that lolly pop song forever

today i learned that there is another electric vehicle company named nikola. can these people please let the poor man rest in peace? there are other names for you to steal.

update: he was definitely a thief. i finally gave into the suspicion and went back down there and noticed that all of my boxes were opened and disorganized. fortunately i don't have anything of worth down there except the bike which now has two locks on it. hopefully he won't come back with a saw or pliers.

now to decide if i should say something to my neighbor who i've never spoken to. probably should. again ugh.

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story of seasons makes some interesting decisions about what thing you're interacting with when you hit the A button.

just now i tried to mount my horse next to one of the special powerup crops (they take a month to grow and gives a bonus to other plants in the same field when picked). instead of mounting the horse the game made me run around the horse to pick the special crop, which was not what i wanted to do at all. so that was nice. thanks game.


the boozeshop didn't have the peanut butter milk stout i wanted from my favorite guys so instead i grabbed one only labeled with "bourbon vanilla and coconut." usually their labels also say what type of beer but it was a mystery with this one.

pretty sure it's meant to be a dessert drink. dark but not as dark as the stout, and much sweeter. at first i didn't think i'd finish the pint but some dark chocolate helped me through.

also it's 9% abv so we're doing pretty okay now.

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