smart observation of the day:

"sumo" rotated upside down looks like "owns"

@p hot damn i didn't notice that. thanks for pointing it out.

email i got from my landlord 

@hoppet crime doesn't have an address because there are too many landlords for it to live with only one of them.

i didn't know i needed a cut of all the transformations from the g1 series until i found one.

@p it's the tiny screens on the top corners that make it.

i want a stop motion animation of this thing unfolding with the g1 transformers sound effect.

why do i still think it's an okay idea to try flipping a coin in anything less than full lighting? i can never catch the damn thing.

@p @wasamasa yes. the post itself is meaningless. i'm sure mormon dreams aren't much different from anyone else.

terrible game idea: LDS Dream Emulator


@a55milk are they edible? i already threw it out :c

i wonder if it's still alive.

landlord came to check the smoke detector. she asked if there were any other maintenance things i'd like to report. i pointed out that i took off the storm door closer because it got bent when the wind blew the door open, but also said that the door doesn't always fully close in winter and that it might be better to not replace for now so that i can fully close it myself more easily.

then she left, and didn't fully close the door. the wind blew it open five minutes later. on the one hand, this demonstrates my point. on the other, dude we literally just talked about this.


yesterday i bought some white mushrooms. while rinsing them just now i discovered that the harvesters accidentally packed a chunk of mycelium. it scared me for a moment.

gender stuff 

@vantablack people say epilators work on the face, but i don't know if there are any caveats for sensitive skin. i've been thinking of getting one for the legs.

you know what would be cool was if the fridge was a little quieter

absolutely destroyed mithrix as loader this time. it took about five rocket punches. didn't even really need to get any items back.

i've gotten better at dodging the blue orbs attack so that helps, and there's a bit in between each attack where he's a bit vulnerable. but it still feels like the difficulty of that fight varies widely. not sure if it's specific items or what, but i felt like i had some good ones this time so maybe it's just luck.


why does the kitchen look like a scene from the shining?

it's because i read that the easiest way to prepare a pomegranate is to cut it in half and whack the skin with a big spoon until all the seeds fall out. don't believe everything you read.

the first sentence of the "pull my finger" wikipedia article is good comedy.

@Eidon "I guarantee you can protect yourself, or your money back" surely only covers the 99c for the pamphlet, not however much you got mugged for when you discover that you are not a jiu jitsu master.


tomorrow i get to tell my parents that the communists brainwashed me into being too afraid to drive 300+ miles from an area with one of the worst per-capita covid rates to visit them for thanksgiving. joy.

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