my brother finally convinced me to join the blaseball discord. i have been resisting because i do not like discord.

now that i am in a channel with more than two other people i like it even less. why do people use this?

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social phobia 

in other news today i interacted with friendly and understanding strangers on the internet for five minutes and two hours later i'm still working out the nervous energy.

i have legitimate complaints about the discord platform but i should try to remember that this is independent of them.

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@crlf I use discord pretty much exclusively to keep in touch with my irl friends.

Since covid it's been the main way we stay in contact
@crlf s/stay in contact/stay in contact and do group activities/

@crlf social hub ... if i didnt use discord i wouldnt know anyone :blobcatBigSob:

@comfcat @mithrandir i also never really understood this being social thing to be honest.

but i turned off all the pictures and avis and muted all the channels so i dunno it might be tolerable for now.

@crlf @comfcat I view discord like... the common room in a big house where all my friends live. Except it's all virtual. It's a place where you sit around and shoot the shit or play video games with your buds when you have nothing better to do

@crlf It's really not great, I only keep it for communicating with friends.

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