haven't played ror2 in over a month. i see that at some point they changed the final boss to be invulnerable while stealing the items. he is now impossible.

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@crlf You just gotta aggressively kite him, since he's got like half the health he had on launch.

still sucks if you're playing anyone without mobility

@0orpheus did they make him move slower too? i did feel some hope for a moment before the genesis loop started kicking in while i was too far away from cover.

@crlf I don't think so? I think the main thing was the dropped his scaling a lot and made it so you get items back a bit faster

@0orpheus could just be perspective shift then. usually i do loader but this time i was doing captain, so the melee hit-and-run might just feel faster than the ranged kiting.

i'm interested to see what it will be like to properly fight phase 4 as loader now that i can't just rocket punch him while he's vulnerable.

@crlf Honestly I've had a pretty rough time as melee characters in general against him, but I haven't done a solo melee run yet so can't help ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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