im super hooked on path of exile right now. i really didnt think this was a game genre i liked :blobcatNotLikeThis:

i was starting to shift away from youtube to twitch until the ad stuff got so bad. wonder if there are some smaller platforms like it.

i think the difference between pepsi and coke is lime. i think pepsi has lime flavor added onto the cola flavor. ... and because of it i think pepsi has a kinda richer flavor.

im really enjoying poe. the atmosphere and the builds are really cool

due to all this fuss around diablo2 coming back out ... i have realized i actually do kinda enjoy that style of game. maybe i should pick up path of exile. :blobcatThinking:

what was that one free graphical roguelike from japan called

i just realized i probably havent seen a current anime in several seasons

with tetris 99, tetris is now more massively multiplayer than most mmorpgs

this second dose has me really really wiped out and it hurts to use my arm for anything.. have feverlike chills too. i dont really have the energy for games so ive just been watching anime all day inbetween napping

when the bad thoughts make it hard to lie down to sleep

this is the difference between old and new mmo design. i made the effort to talk and invite someone and they joined me for 2hrs friended me and wanted to play again


looks like i joined super late on the time locked progression server so im not sure how much group play i will be able to get but the game is neato

fighting the urge to play more game but instead of going to sleep im just sitting here thinking about how i shouldnt play more game :blobcatSipGlare:

the big reason i wanted to try out eq2 is because i have heard there is still organic grouping and also nonlinear open world dungeons.

finally able to get into eq2 ... its kind of a cute game. now i can live the fantasy of being a nasty city rat

does anyone want to form a daoc party

dead person showed up on my telegram today despite them not being in my contacts... :blobcatHuh:

no one in ff14 is a top except for yshtola

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