is jujutsu kaisen good for finding fights man who fight even more fights man

i feel so lethargic today i wonder if i've eaten enough

i just remembered like a year ago crunchyroll showed some weird show about magical girls but they are planes

theres a question in my life that i desperately need answered and its....
is wendy koopa a gyaru

i finally got project 1999 working on linux and it's made me very happy :bunHappyHop:

i wanna get more into gaining cool domestic skills

i'm feeling thoughtful tonight. i think i will end this night quietly

staxel was a super cute game i wish it worked on linux.

i want winter to last a little longer :blobcatEvening:

i been feeling not good all day do i do a drink for new year??

oh calli is digging into touhou now.

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