muse dash is probably one of the best purchases i ever made on steam. it's been getting updates/songs for years after.

sometimes just a cup of water is the comfy thing

why disney cancelling their only good shows

women love a man with an 18 foot wingspan

the way things are going im gonna have to stop saying im into mmos and start saying i like shared persistent world games

there can be something very comfy about playing a dead game.

the pain of having to go to terminal to play midis

blizzard trailers have gotten really annoying. they talk over the whole thing telling you what to feel at every moment of it. i wouldnt be surprised if one ended with "clap now" as the voiceover

hy-gogg is the gundam version of the floppy floaty inflatable arms man and that makes it the best robo

there should be a linux with a squid as a mascot

saw some guy railing on about some point regarding anime girls but i couldnt pay attention over him seeming to be under the impression that bra size is directly related to age like theyre evergrowing boar tusks or something

everquest 2 has this really cool interparty combo system.

how did we go from streetcurb kids to i giovanna giorno have a dream

i saw an ep of that shikimori san anime and the ending looks like an incredibly fun rythm game and i wish it was real.

the sad time when you want to explore the internet but theres only like 3 sites left

the windows version has multiplayer and extra features

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