omg did i just find the mangakalot of yuris :blobcatThinkingSmile:

omg rasp i finally know what anime the bunny hair girl is from :bunHop:

as complex and interesting as it is i think i will probably never end up playing fortnite simply because the idea of having to learn use fallout 4's settlement builder mid combat to my advantage inside of csgo just seems like... a lot.

oh plex needs an account from me. i didnt realize it was a centralized service from how people talked about it

weird that vtubers brought rickrolling back for a sec.

wait fortnite has fishing? NOW we're talking..

forgot to remove waterfox and updated so im sat about for another hour or so :blobcatTear:

not gonna lie fallout 76 servers are actually more stable than pso2ngs lol

due to some gift giving from a nice friend i am now a ..proud?? :blobcatThinking: owner of fallout 76?

reboot fixed the gstreamer update issues and now video is fine

why the hell is waterfox taking literal hours to install i dont even want it anymore i just want the install to be over

ok i think the issue is actually gstreamer not adblock

youtube isnt running for me rn with adblock on so whats another cool source of content for me to absorb?

i think i may have hit a semi controversial topic :blobcatSweats:

virgin avoid public info behind the mask of hololivers to keep up the illusion, vs chad continue to support them after they leave the corporation that owns their identities

im back on the phantasy star grind it feels nice

dang.. so the age of coco kiryu is over. i was just talking to someone about how it felt like hololive was tightening the leash on everyone and something about coco felt different

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