she's very cute and i wish her success

i just read all i could find of douki chan for some reason

i wonder if theres a positive to glamour chest being limited.. people will save different pieces.. and have different glams for it

dumb im dumb 

i see some of you alls messages freaking out about eye contact with cute girls and i like to hope that somewhere out there i did that to someone

so i did a cute picrew..but i also already have this cute profile pic..

oh man the sleepy is hitting hard i better get while the gettins good

for some reason i decided i would start a guild/fc despite being shy with strangers .. how did i expect myself to recruit :blobcatFearful:

my nose is fussy today.. cooking has it acting up i keep sneezing

i could use a nice hot coffee with 0 caffeine right now.

some bean juice that makes you sleep..

my sleepy levels are through the roof lately .. i cant fight it

ive already started to forget to do wanikani i should be better about it

i was supposed to be asleep.. i even tried to !! :blobcatEvening:

actually i cant quite wake. im so sleepyyy :blobcatMeltTears:

what if the reason it gets harder to keep up with your anime lists as you get older is not time but overwhelming ennui

i wish i was better at falling asleep

is there a way to skip ahead in wanikani..? :blobcatThinkingGlare: it just has me doing radicals
edit: do the readings get shown later??

once again finding out a bunch of music i like is from eroge why

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