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I feel like a majority of the reason why I feel so garbage all the time is that I'm not exercising at all. I'd probably go to a gym or something but I don't want to at this time due to current world events.

Invite me to your discord so I can join it, mute it, and never look at it again

Cute fox girls compile Gentoo on an old Raspberry Pi [ASMR] [long] [very long]

I think this is technically a covid post. 

I think my New Years resolution is just to make 2021 better than 2020. The last 3 months have been good so I'm pretty optimistic, most of the problems I was having earlier this year mostly went away.

Imagine checking your Xbox Live inbox in 2010 and seeing this

I really like the game over screen for SMT4. Hearing Charon, the ferryman of the afterlife say that he'll let you bribe him with play coins in character always lightens the blow of dying.

You can only interact with me if you have 900+ hours in the generation 1 and 2 pokemon games. Otherwise your life experiences are going to be too different from mine

Artix is also surprisingly comfy it comes with a pretty good gui installer and is as up to date as Arch is as far as I can tell. Manjaro always seemed to have broken packages whenever I used it.

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I installed i3 recently out of curiosity, I didn't actually expect to like it but I got used to it surprisingly quickly.

@ocean wanted to see my desktop so I thought I might as well post it here.

@ocean @che5hire

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