Looking at fake GBA cartsā€™ PCB and going feral over these misspelled Nintendo logos


@ocean I actually did this at work and people got worried. I came up with some excuse but I think it probably would have been better if I was honest.

I really wish Dynamax adventures showed you the last pokemon's type constantly or made it so you can see the entire map again.

Nobody seems to remember what type the legendary is so whenever I try to catch Kyogre it OHKOs everyone with surf because they didn't swap with water resists.

@Shiroyasha I actually went on Keto too just to see if it was a meme and lost 12 lbs in about 3 weeks.

I did it more because people said it could make your energy levels more consistent but I think that aspect of it is overrated. Maybe it's something else that's making me tired?

complaining about people not wearing masks 

@hoppet I actually really like wearing a mask. It covers the areas of my face I'm most self conscious about and you can get ones with pretty cute designs on them. So I'll probably keep wearing them until stores ban them again.

I don't want to make an introduction post so I'm just going to post pallas's cats again.


A cool community, I guess.