Honestly I'm kinda of excited the DP remakes are being outsourced. I'm really curious to see what ILCA does with Pokemon but I'm worried it's just going to be a 1:1 remake with no new content added. Worst case scenario it probably means more GF devs are working on Legends Arceus and hopefully any future Pokemon games.

I'm hoping they start outsourcing all of the remakes from now on even if they suck because of it as the remakes are starting to get more and more redundant and will be kinda pointless once every region gets HOME support. I would prefer it if they would just stopped making them but I have a feeling they won't so this might be a nice compromise.

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@che5hire I think we are at the point now where this should be the final remake, we just don't need em anymore

@ocean @che5hire yeah and future remakes will be dlc
Just like new characters are dlc in smash bros ultimate
I mean i guess between new remake games and new remake dlcs there's not much difference
But yeah... bun sick of dlc... and nintendo loves them...

I feel like the DP remakes made sense for 2 reasons:
1. It's kinda tricky to transfer pokemon from Gen 4 to 8 given that you need 2 DSes (iirc)
2. Making a "Virtual Console" release would have been awkward because of the DS's dual screen gimmick.

I'm hoping that after this they just re-release the games on an emulator with HOME support like the VC releases of the Gameboy games on the 3DS instead of making remakes.


@che5hire Are they going to cut the Kanto content?

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