I tried out Android on Switch and it actually works fairly well, there's a few issues with it occasionally freezing on the home screen but I would still consider it "usable".

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Running Android games on Switch seems like a cool idea but most of the games I would want to play either already have Switch ports (either officially or via homebrew) or are really picky when it comes to controller support and refuse to use the Joycons. The interface's controller support also isn't perfect so using it docked is a painful experience.

@che5hire The joycon aren't great anyways! How about the pro pad?
Do most games support it or do you just have to get an Xbox gamepad to play on Switch hehehe...

@ocean I haven't tried the Pro Controller wirelessly yet but it works perfectly plugged into the dock. I heard most games will work with the PS4 controller via bluetooth but my PS4 controller never seems to want to connect to any Bluetooth adapter for whatever reason.

@che5hire Cutie can borrow one of my Xbox gamepads~

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