I wish I took more screenshots because the chat was probably the best part of my experience playing this but I was so overwhelmed by everything it threw at me at the start.

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Honestly I'm kinda of excited the DP remakes are being outsourced. I'm really curious to see what ILCA does with Pokemon but I'm worried it's just going to be a 1:1 remake with no new content added. Worst case scenario it probably means more GF devs are working on Legends Arceus and hopefully any future Pokemon games.

I'm hoping they start outsourcing all of the remakes from now on even if they suck because of it as the remakes are starting to get more and more redundant and will be kinda pointless once every region gets HOME support. I would prefer it if they would just stopped making them but I have a feeling they won't so this might be a nice compromise.


Neon White looks hella sick but I'm probably going to get it on steam instead.

I really want to be hyped for Sploon 3 but the gameplay they showed in the trailer doesn't look all that different from 2.

I remember there being a lot of RPG maker 2000(3) games that I really liked though. Yume Nikki and it's many fan games seem like they would be pretty comfy on the Switch if they work.

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It's a shame that EasyRPG doesn't work with RPG Maker XP games playing Pokemon Essentials games on the Switch would have been super cool.

I think this is the first Valentine's day where I didn't feel super cynical about it and I was actually into it. Unfortunately the guy I like lives in another country and didn't have the day off so there's wasn't much I could do but at least I got to spend a bit of time with him.

I feel like I should probably get into controller modding since I have a bunch of 360 and GameCube controllers laying around that nobody uses anymore.

Running Android games on Switch seems like a cool idea but most of the games I would want to play either already have Switch ports (either officially or via homebrew) or are really picky when it comes to controller support and refuse to use the Joycons. The interface's controller support also isn't perfect so using it docked is a painful experience.

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I tried out Android on Switch and it actually works fairly well, there's a few issues with it occasionally freezing on the home screen but I would still consider it "usable".

I'm almost tempted to get Ring Fit Adventure but it looks like it would get boring fast. I'd probably be better off just doing squats and running up and down the stairs or something.

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