me: gets paid
also me: whens next payday

scrolls through TL

boosts random post by accident when scrolling


I wanna make my own recipe book as a collection of others just for my own personal use

waiting for all the fedi cute girls to follow

me: im gonna take part in a gamejam

also me: missed every single one the past two years

Web dev hot takes: Your page should never /need/ Javascript.

Meanwhile people in the real world: This needs to be out by deadline, let's do a quick fix.

Also real-world: Oh we have a cloud app that is designed for the browser and could never work without Javascript.

feelin' down and anxious but living o/

have been quiet so just letting you guys know im okay

lunch time for work and i’m just cufkekekjwksk

Anyone got any opinion on the best home virtualisation setup: Unraid, Proxmox, FreeNAS, etc?

Unraid seems the easiest (and is kinda cheap)

btw you can find this on picrew (i lost the link tho)

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Does anyone know any iPad apps for Masto?

why’s there no cute girls in my dms

@esheep shoopesheep how’s you! i haven’t seen ya in a while

buying an apple watch series 6 because im fucking depressed :blobcatPerfecto:

Lewis Hamiltons 69th Pole Position.. Nice.

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