@bunni in would be just fine. I pretty much wish there was a way to filter it out from my search results so it wound never show up.

@bunni There's still github and reddit and IRC. Where's that meme where it's like:

OP: "How do I do A?"
Reply 1: "You don't, you do B."
Reply 1.1: "No you don't you idiot, C is vastly superior."

@bunni Deletion of StackOverflow wouldn't break my workflow.

@lanodan @bunni @a1batross Same. StackOverflow is pretty useless. Most answers are from people who have as much or less queue as the person asking the question.

@js @bunni @a1batross Well pretty sure most people answering on these sites are ones that had the problem and managed to solve it.

@lanodan @a1batross @bunni Whenever I do search something on Google and find a result on StackOverflow, it was the blind leading the blind. When there’s a search result that’s on StackOverflow, it’s the last thing I click ;). I’ve also had it often enough that someone sent me a SO link and I just cringed on the most upvoted answer because it was so totally wrong.

@js if you didn't offer a better answer, you're part of the problem. I've found lots of helpful stuff on SO but I'm guessing it's more useful for noobs like myself.

@lanodan @a1batross @bunni

@strypey @lanodan @a1batross @bunni I don’t have an account there and it is not my job to provide my services to a proprietary web site that makes money of my free labor.

So I'm guessing you get paid to slam the community that uses SO on social media? Your unpaid time being so precious ;)

@lanodan @a1batross @bunni

@js You could give your solutions somewhere else under a CC SA license, then just put a link to them on SO. That way you can help correct disinformation without letting SO'S owners turn your knowledge into "IP"? @lanodan @a1batross @bunni

@strypey @lanodan @a1batross @bunni I do post things on my blog if there's something that is not documented elsewhere yet. But usually I just fix documentation to be more complete.

@strypey @lanodan @a1batross @bunni Also, the main reason I find StackOverflow is searching for some bad, unportable, undefined pattern that I see in software and wondering where it comes from. And of course, some guy on SO overflow proposed that Linux-only, GCC-only, standards-violating solution on SO, and of course it's the most upvoted solution, to make these bad patterns spread.

@strypey @lanodan @a1batross @bunni I definitely do not get paid for anything related to SO, talking about it positively or negatively.

@bunni except those few strange folk who downloaded the kiwix archives of it, who are now gods.
@bunni Thanks god I don't actually need that site at all, because I just read the manuals/specifications to solve my issues. :)
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