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Sometimes I think about if I should start to drink coffee again. I probably shouldn't but what if...

Busy week, gonna have a doctors appointment today, dentist appointment tomorrow, therapy on Friday :blobcatSweats:

why does firework always have to be this loud >_<

Hi! How are you? Yes you specifically

Changed my profile picture and also my header to suit the season. It is really cold here now after all.

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Ranting about my ISP 

Also now I'm tooting anyway let me just rant about my ISP.

They really do suck, not only is my internet connection relatively slow here anyway (no gigabit or anything near that). But they also force me to use their trashy router.

The interface is limited, slow, and it doesn't even support PPPOE.

Really sometimes gotta move to some place with good internet.

Started to use twitch again and it's nice. Just tuning in to whoever is live of the ones I follow feels kinda like watching TV in a sense.

Today I gonna be a computer building bunny since I have all the parts except a new graphics card

Wasn't here in a long time, and gonna sleep now anyway. But hi! I still exist

I probably will hate fleets (the new twitter thing that's a copy of snapchat stories).

But I hate it much much more that other people can see and send them and I can't yet :blobcatCry:


i woke up early and now i probably gonna feel like crap during the day :blobcatPuffyDizzy:

Oh hi!

I still exist, even if I wasn't here in ages.

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