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I didn't stay up until 5 in the morning... you did!

night thoughts 

The more active I am on discord the less active I am on places like twitter and mastodon. And even on discord I rather talk with people in DMs than in servers.

Although I do think that it would benefit me to talk and be active on more public places but I guess it sometimes is just really difficult.

Or to figure out what to talk about with new people.

Idk it just is difficult to be visible and to know how to be visible.

It took me maybe a bit more than a year to finally decide "okay I gonna buy this microphone, I really gonna do it"

Just to discover that now it isn't in stock anymore :blobcatSadLife:

hungryyyyyy :blobcatDizzy:

(like i am cooking but it still takes a while :blobcatSad: )

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