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I probably will hate fleets (the new twitter thing that's a copy of snapchat stories).

But I hate it much much more that other people can see and send them and I can't yet :blobcatCry:


i woke up early and now i probably gonna feel like crap during the day :blobcatPuffyDizzy:

Oh hi!

I still exist, even if I wasn't here in ages.

RAID troubles 

So bunny had a few scary days with it's RAID.

I have a 4 disk 2 disk fault tolerance RAID on my NAS and that was just overkill but since you can't shrink it down I moved most of the data off of it. Removed one disk and made a new storage pool on that and started to move some data, that went well.

After I moved all I expanded the RAID to the 3 disks where I had now deleted the old storage pool.

But while it slowly expanded one disk suddenly started to throw a bunch of I/O errors (either the SATA connector is starting to go on the board or probably something with the disk, gonna check that soon) and my whole NAS froze and could not start up again with that disk in it. So I just removed it and hoped for the best.

I then had a few more scary hours as my NAS checked the remaining disks but apparently the expanding was done in a way that it could lose this disk without much happening. I just again was at a point where I couldn't lose more disks. So now it expanded finally on to the third disk over night and I think probably everything went over fine. I gonna check the data now tho.

I mean I know a RAID is no backup but still that was scary. :blobcatDizzy:

Gigabit ethernet and common hard disks are just so slowwwww :blobcatGlare:

It's late and I am sorting files on my NAS

Bun is still here and still exists

Why do there have to be so many nice places online? Knowing where to point my attention is kinda difficult lately.

sailor bun :bunRetro: boosted
sailor bun :bunRetro: boosted

Hi hello good morning

Wasn't active here in a while, how are y'all?

I didn't stay up until 5 in the morning... you did!

night thoughts 

The more active I am on discord the less active I am on places like twitter and mastodon. And even on discord I rather talk with people in DMs than in servers.

Although I do think that it would benefit me to talk and be active on more public places but I guess it sometimes is just really difficult.

Or to figure out what to talk about with new people.

Idk it just is difficult to be visible and to know how to be visible.

It took me maybe a bit more than a year to finally decide "okay I gonna buy this microphone, I really gonna do it"

Just to discover that now it isn't in stock anymore :blobcatSadLife:

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