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Beep and Success just announced a Cotton Nendoroid. Oh, and a brand-new Cotton called Cotton Rock'n'Roll that I imagine will be pretty great. But. COTTON. NENDO.


F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point should really be called F.E.A.R.: Box Factory. I don't think I've seen a larger concentration of crates outside of CrateDM. Okay and maybe Kingpin.

Dodonpachi core on the is :blobcatDrool: :blobcatDrool: :blobcatDrool: :blobcatDrool:

Some people are having issues getting it to boot but it works perfectly on my MiSTer. Now I can sell off my PS1 copy.

Imagine a world where critics actually played games with interactive narratives and thought-out mechanics, and preferred those over janky gameplay but polished animations and linear dialogue crafted through weeks of 80+ hour crunch. Unfortunately, this is not that world, which is why those critics have voted The Last of Us Part II as GOTY at .

I played some tonight. I'm not sure why people enjoy this game. I want to take part in the heroic version of The Menagerie with my friends, but I can't unlock it until I:

1. Complete a bunch of the beginner quests that did not block any of the other raids, with no explanation that the required quest chain is arbitrarily blocked by these. The quests just don't appear when I talk to an NPC until I talk to others. Cause and effect be damned.

2. Complete a long quest chain that occasionally involves things I haven't properly unlocked yet, like challenges (though there was precisely one set available to me, so I managed it anyway), and also no fast travel (because that's locked behind finishing the campaign, because why the fuck not)

3. Run a lower level version of the raid.

I hope my friends appreciate that I spent 4 very less-than-enjoyable hours simply unlocking the part of Destiny 2 that might actually be fun.

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I am all ready for Tuesday.

I found the next I'm going to 1CC. Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams on PCE CD, via my . It's a little awkward to switch the turbo fire on my PCE controller off whenever I want to use magic rather than rapid shot, but I'm getting used to it (and it sure beats mashing that button constantly).

The game also has one heck of a bangin' soundtrack.

I might get wild this weekend. By installing OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

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And it doesn't even have to be electronics or devices either. There are lots of things that use plastic today that don't particularly *need* their components to be plastic

I.E. Here's a stapler with all plastic furniture replaced with bamboo

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Really saddened to hear that Izumi Matsumoto passed away. Kimagure Orange Road is my single favourite manga and anime. The wacky psychic hijinks belie a remarkable romance that's a far cry from the harems of today.

I am increasingly convinced that people recommend CPU coolers more on price and folklore than material comparisons.

I have compiled the temperature graphs from (because they seem to be the only site performing cooler tests on absolutely identical hardware) for all of the air coolers listed on and I believe the results speak for themselves. The $30 cooler from the destitute level does a better job of cooling than literally every other listed cooler at every level.

Admittedly, there's also the noise factor to take into account, but that's dependent on the fan. You could get a Noctua fan to stick on the Gammaxx 400 and still spend less than the Dark Rock Pro 4.

I have played the first game where playing it on the MiSTer results in a better experience than playing it on original hardware: Star Raiders on Atari 5200.

The 5200's joysticks are weird non-centering analogue ones, the buttons are mushy, and the keypad doesn't feel good. I mapped the 5200 analogue stick to my flightstick, the buttons to the triggers, and the keypad to my mechanical keyboard's numpad.

Result: perfect controls that blow the original Atari 5200 experience out of the water.

is what I hoped it would be. I'm glad the mainline series is moving to 3D, but retaining the 2D portraits in conversations rather than Tides of Destiny's route of using 3D models. I'm also glad that the farming seems normal, rather than Tides' weird wand system.

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Someone who is good at AI please help me fix this. Bots bought everything.

Protip for MiSTer owners: make sure your SD card is formatted to 32kb block size rather than 128kb. Large sets of really tiny files like Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum can more than double in size if the block size isn't closer to the actual file size. I just reformatted my SD card and saved 40gb of space.

Just got a MiSTer. Currently updating it. I love how the update script does the following things: updates all the available cores, downloads all the bios files from, and then downloads all the MAME roms from

In case you haven't noticed, is the best rom site.


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