Does anybody still use sublime text?

I never ended up using it but I know it used to be something almost everyone else in college was using

I bought this chocolate pancake flavored coffee from the store and it actually tastes really good..

"T, this table has an ID column and an ID1 column in the db, what's going on? Why does the model hold a list of itself? That's not how you setup many-to-many relations. T, find me whoever did this please"

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Had a really fun and interesting conversation today with a coworker "Hey T, why does this model have a foreign key reference to itself, and why are they all showing up as NULL in the db?"

I have a good knack for knowing what kind of girls my gf finds cute, so when we're out and about and notice one I'll ask her "Hey, you thought she was cute, right?"

I'm right about 90% of the time lmao :blobcat3cSmirk:

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Amazon is killing off Amazon Drive by the end of 2023 so if you have any stuff stored there make sure to download it

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Love those Korean restaurant videos where they'll make the most delicious looking food you've ever seen and then cover it with so many toppings and condiments it becomes completely inedible

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just oppened a rust programmer website, i had to enable js to use it, bruh

Akko has their own lavender switch but it's a tactile while durock's is a linear ??

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Finding new switches I want to use is really hard since the mechanical keyboard hobby exploded, like Jwick blacks, durock lavender, ..aqua kings???

The naming for a lot of stuff isn't that helpful anymore

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Really nice accessibility option that I think almost everyone using a macbook should enable

It lets you drag windows around by using three fingers on the track pad instead of heaving to click and then drag it...

Finished watching promised neverland today, I liked the premise, thought it was overall okay

My gf and I were reading through reviews of the second season and laughing at how bad it sounds, supposedly they really dropped the ball

I will unapologetically name all of my pets after touhou characters maybe even my children

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the feminine urge to become a recluse from society and live in a little mushroom house

Why tf does Elon Musk look like that lmao

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Unsure if I want to read new CSM chapters as they come out.. or wait and then binge them all 🤔

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