I love this video, it really feels like I'm in a normal discord group call

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Taco bell starting up breakfast in my area again!!! :blobcatAwauu:

Started re watching Urusei Yatsura from the beginning, only rewatched the first episode so far but it's crazy how much I'm remembering again

Also haven't seen any of the movies yet tho so I'd like to do that at some point

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I hope everybody has a good week!! ^^

I've been really enjoying playing the Haunted PS1 Summer of Shivers game jam commissions with my gf, I would highly recommend everybody here to play: Headlines from the deep, one of the submissions.

It's actually not a horror game and is really really cute, I was probably smiling the entire time I was playing that game :blobcatOwoHappy:

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Kind of want to move to Pennsylvania, the forests there are so pretty and the housing is somewhat affordable, plus cooler weather

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I'm too stupid to figure out how to make a tileset auto tile in Godot, all of the tutorials for how to bitmask it are using shapes way different from what my tileset gives me 💀

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I hope this isn't too political, but I think Polygamy/Polyamory is going to be the next big thing in regards to marriage in the U.S.

It's certainly not for me at all, but I don't see any good reasons as to why it should be illegal.

It would however complicate taxes a lot for them though, I'm not sure how that would work, I also worry about the upper class trying to sell it as a solution of some sorts to the housing crisis

just had tuna salad for the first time in my life, gotta say it was pretty decent :3

Looks like if you own any apple devices, including ipads which isn't mentioned you should update it ASAP

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Why most of programmers of Rust and FP always sounds like a fucking cult?

Whenever you complain about something about their languages 68912 users appear out of blue to say that you didn't understand and attempt to convince you how amazing its language

Is this real? I might have to consider moving to France :blobcatThinkingGlare:

:bunCry: :bunCry: :bunCry: :bunCry: :bunCry: :bunCry: :bunCry: :bunCry: ...... There's a wolf spider...... hiding in my car somewhere :blobcatNotLikeThisCry: what do I do what do I do AHHHHHHHHHHH

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