Any of you knows a way to have a dynamic keyboard layout that automatically switch based on the active windows ?
As an azerty keyboard user, some games aren't compatible to it, and I need to switch to qwerty to play. But everytime I go back to talk to someone I need to re-switch to azerty and back to qwerty to play again...

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@Ytrezar The most simple solution, though imperfect, plug in a gamepad~

@ocean My brain isn't able to do that. I think I mess some dependency to use a controller

@Ytrezar My answer would be, as with any keyboard or mouse related problem, AutoHotkey.

It might be the hackiest solution of them all, but it probably works. You can register a ShellHook to detect Window activations, and it can output the Button combination set to activate your desired keyboard layout.

@9S It would have been a good idea indeed!
But someone got me the "perfect" one.
There is an option directly on windows that let you choose for each window what kind of layout you want. It was a bit hard to find but it's doing the job perfectly!

@Ytrezar That’s great! I didn’t know such a feature existed.

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