I need your help for a networking question. I'm a newbie on this so please be patient!

Since I'm moving in my new house, I need to create two different network with a router. Everything is going okay so far, there is one on 192.168.0.X and another on 192.168.1.X

The issue is, there a Synology NAS on the .0.X network with a samba server that I need to access with both network.
I used to reach it by typing \\nas on my computer.
Doing that from .0.X can reach it easy. But from the .1.X network it's unreachable and I have to input the IP address to reach it.

I don't know how to type my duckduckgo search to have relevant information about it, but I'd like to be able to just type "\\nas" on the .1.X to access it.

Any leads ?

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I got the answers I needed, thanks a lot.
FYI : Editing hosts file with
"192.168.0.X nas"
did the work!

@p to be sure, for me to be typing \\nas
I need to specify something like this
192.168.0.X \\nas
192.168.0.X nas

@thomate @p as long as it works!
I don't want to make it harder for something that can be solved with absolutely nothing else than a line on hosts file :D

@Ytrezar @p I'm not throwing stones ... In fact, if all the things to hardwire in the hosts file, file servers are the most sensible

@p showed me something that might be exactly what you're talking about and what I needs.

Thanks a lot for the quick answers everyone :blobcatPats:

@lanodan @Stellar

@Ytrezar I think Windows will only attempt to resolve hostnames on the "same network", either manually enter the IP of your NAS or edit your hosts file.

@Craftplacer It seems that the best way would be to edit the hosts file, someone shows me everything I need about it, thanks !

Hello !
There's a chance that adding your NAS name & IP to the lmhosts file would do the trick.
Can't guarantee though.

@Gynux That's what I got from others too, I edited hosts file and it worked fine!
Thanks for your answer!

@Ytrezar Easiest solution, for a single computer that needs to reach \\nas, is to find your 'hosts' file and enter the IP and "nas" into that appropriately for your operating system.

@greyduck It's indeed the solution I came up with.
I have 2 computer needing this but it's definitely the easiest solution.


@Ytrezar You're welcome!

(Most other solutions involve making sure there's /some/ kind of DNS provider on your home network, which becomes very much a "how comfortable are you with finicky network services" question.)

@greyduck I got this solution too, but I really don't want to bother with it...

@Ytrezar I am a long time IT professional and I say: You should never make a solution more complicated than you're comfortable with or is necessary.

(Security first, as always, but a HOSTS file change is fairly safe.)

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