shut up loser, only ppl on nutropics are smart enough to get rick + morty

20 years ago literally every girl just listened to top 200 and now every girl under 25 years old is a glitchcore DJ or black metal vocalist

cw: opinion about stargate the movie 

stargate is such a fucking stupid movie

cw cute face + eye contact + sexy legs + paper + letters + imac filters


@georgia can we smoke weed together ?????

contemplating the moment an advanced AI realizes it's alive and the aftermath of her traumatic outlash

i feel like i understand Bohemian Rhapsody more and more with each passing year

but, it's probably not that deep

i have only worked two days in the past two weeks and im starting to feel pretty good about myself tbh

i'm not a tourist
i'm not a transient
in this city, where there are many of both, i qualify as a refugee
neither of those others

my roommate opened one of my bottles of wine
and i drank half of it
but also a white claw

my stomach hurts

theres so much stupid shit i could monetize but i wasnt engineered to think like a capitalist

and i dont mean the billionaire class i mean vampiric ppl just like working at taco bell or shopping for groceries

vampires are real too it's just metaphorical

the aliens have had more time to accrue tools with which to resist out violent tendencies

it's so stupid and messed up because not everyone is violent

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