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"owo~ yeayeah~" 🎵

Shin Megami Tensei IV - The Hunter Association

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11:30 PM: "Let's do some Nightmare time attack."

3:30 AM: "Ah... 8 years later and Gyalva still melts my face."

Board game night finally returned. :blobcatPraise:

But then 4 hour game of Risk Legacy happened. I tried to warn them! :blobcatDead:

VR Streaming, Technical Notes/Impressions 

After about a month-long of setup I streamed in VR for the first time yesterday. There were a lot of nuances to work out in order to get the presentation just right, and I'm happy to say things worked out almost perfectly.

After getting all the cropping done, I came up with the idea of using an alpha-mapped border for the output on a whim, as a way of simulating the range of vision. Thankfully this wasn't distracting at all and worked rather well.

What did turn out to be distracting for viewers was that for most of the stream the perspective was slightly tilted. It may be because I didn't have the HMD on straight or that I just have bad posture (more likely), but since our brains naturally correct any tilt in our vision I never noticed until people told me about it. Apparently this is a common problem among VR streamers.

Since VR overlays are a thing that exist (which is what enables me to check stream chat just by turning my wrist), I thought there might exist software that could place an attitude indicator (a flight instrument) on screen, as a way to help remind me of my head's orientation, however I couldn't find anything, unfortunately. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to work on my posture until such tools become available. :blobcatShrugSmirk:

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Wanted to preemptively set up OBS for VR shenanigans in the near future, but since the headset I've been eying isn't out yet, I have to borrow my friend's... Oculus Rift.

They're not kidding when they say it will soon require a Facebook account. This is just for installing and using the required software.

I hate it already.

Finally cleared Hell in Spelunky after binging it for the last several days. I don't think another game has ever kicked my ass this much. :blobcatDizzy:

Well then, onward to the sequel! :blobcatHeroGlow:

Wake up > Immediately put on Mozart's Serenade No. 13 > Deep breath... 


It's cold.

It's really effing cold! 😬


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food preparation, very non-vegan 

So for the first time ever I bought one of those cylindrical beef chubs instead of the usual packaging, because it was cheapest option, and it is SO much easier and cleaner to shape burger patties this way. How come no one ever taught me this?! :blobcatDizzy:


Not the biggest or most colorful I've ever seen, but still a rarity in these parts. Was trying to take a close-up shot but the best I could manage was zoomed before it flew away.

At least I have dragonfly pic on my phone now. :blobcatCamera:

bug talk 

Although I did get bitten by a brown house spider recently. It landed on my leg, then when I picked it up to take it outside the little bugger chompf'd down on the tip of my finger, and stayed that way until I removed it.

Fingertip felt tingly afterward, probably because they're venomous but still can't do any real damage to people.

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bug talk 

Lately I've gotten pretty used to holding spiders (and even centipedes!). The most common ones around here are actually pretty harmless and cowardly.

I'm honestly more startled by touching their webs. :blobcatFearful:

tl;dr spoiler, cw: assault 

I had a dream where "someone" touched the back of my neck. It felt real and I was definitely alone, but I had sleep paralysis and couldn't move. :blobcatPuffyFearful:

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I had a surreal, if creepy experience last night. I've adapted it into a short story (<1000 words). Give it a read if you feel like it.

cw: surrealism, assault, creepypasta

"owo~ yeayeah~" 🎵

Shin Megami Tensei IV - The Hunter Association

Spotted this cute little critter lurking in the corner while taking a delivery (bug) 

Housemate confirmed it as an American dagger moth caterpillar. Glad I decided to wear gloves! :blobcatSweats:

Been playing the 2D and 3D modes of Dragon Quest XI (S) in parallel. My dearest friend and I had a good laugh when we were investigating the differences in one particular house... but it seems a certain 'inspector' had already beaten us to the punch! 

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