@ilovecomputers The social spending bill has had its GUTS ripped out my blue dogs so it might not be dead but it no longer capable of serving its intended purpose so it might as WELL be.

It wasn't even an actual attempt. The obstruction was intentional and planned for. None of the democratic leadership actually wanted that bill to pass they just wanted the illusion of making an effort so they wouldn't be wiped out in the midterms which they will be anyway. Because they didn't try and people can TELL they don't care and they didn't try.

Also American conservative? 70% the country supports Medicare for all and Democrats aren't out there pushing for it EVERY DAY. About the same number support a $15 minimum wage and they DON'T talk about it.

@ilovecomputers they've only had to expand because they've completely stopped trying to improve things and young people have given up on them.

I recommend you watch infinity train.

.... Don't click on this meme

@ilovecomputers The situation for the lower class and the poor has only gotten WORSE and he's done not a damn thing to fix it. He hasn't even really tried.

@ilovecomputers Only mildly. for the most part his presidency has been a complete failure and his leadership has been so weak.

@hoppet @bunni 7 didn't have a wrist mounted dog launcher and thus is objectively inferior

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