it's funny, but I don't think that will happen and AI will take its place in art without displacing artists

@BreachCat i think these tools make art creation more accessible, which is a good thing.

it's like with a camera. everyone can create something decent, by luck. but there are professionals that really master the tools and get incredible results

painting with a brush is different than digital painting. and using AI tools is very different, but i think it's still a tool

maybe similar to an artist that does not paint themselves, but has a team of painters to realize their vision

@Rasp @dhfir

@Rasp at least AI art isn't just a get rich quick grift and actually looks really good.

Like, at the simplest, visual art is about being pleasing to the eye. If AI can do that, is it not considered art?

Or if you think art should be provocative, the massive shitstorm that AI art has caused, with both sides at each other's throats, squarely satisfies that goal. This reply included.

@AgreeableLandscape @Rasp Yea, this should just be NFTs twice.

Everyone saying AI art isn't real art would have said that software-based art isn't art twenty years ago.

@malin @AgreeableLandscape

I mean I get it AI art didn't really have an "artist" behind it so nobody should really get credit for it. At least digital artists have to do.... ya know... art in order for their pieces to come to life.

Using AI art as references is totally cool with me but if you just take what the AI spits out and claim you "Made" it is questionable.

@malin @AgreeableLandscape I've commissioned art pieces before I've described what I want and artists have created it for me. I might have described what I wanted and given the money I might even have the rights to the piece in full signed over... but it still not MY art.

Anything the AI generates is the AI's art and nobody should be stealing credit.

@Rasp @malin I hate copyright and the concept of "owning" information. For the vast majority of art's history, copyright didn't exist and artists copied each other. I think copyright actively harms art, so I'd be entirely okay with AI art not being copyrightable.

@Rasp @AgreeableLandscape Ownership is a separate question from what counts as art.

Different countries are drafting different laws concerning AI, and doubtless different processes will have different conclusions. Some AI art will require just one prompt, while others may require programming, or gathering a data-set -so lots of human work before the output.

@malin @AgreeableLandscape I suppose its still a bit murky and I'm not convinced where the line should be.

@Rasp Everything is a circle eh?

Money laundering never feels the lack of ideas.

@Rasp I never get these comparisons.

#NFT isn't #Art, but where it gets shipped to.

Art is Art, it can be inside a frame with canvas, on a wall, paper, in the middle of the street or in NFT.

The NFT itself is nothing else but a token.

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