@Rasp accessible for people with rocket boosters on their wheelchairs

@pyromage @Rasp as a serious idea though: I think wheelchairs with gearing could be very useful

shift into low gear for steep ramps, high gear for high speed on level ground

also a ratchet brake to prevent accidentally rolling down on a ramp while still being able to go up

I honestly think this should be made a standard feature on manual wheelchairs. There's way too little investment into improving wheelchair technology, probably because of structural ableism.

@Rasp They just forgot the rack on the ramp for the pinion of the wheelchair...

@Rasp : most people are thinking about going down, but imagine having to ramp up you'd be falling every time.

At least it is a nice ramp for skaters.

@Rasp Idea : the designer of this should be sentenced to get up and down here in a wheelchair every day

@Rasp They didn't even go all the way up??? what were they thinking?

image description 

An outdoor set of stairs... with a ramp next to it, going up at the same 45-degree angle as the stairs.

It has a wheelchair symbol slapped on it, despite, y'know, being blatantly impossible to traverse.

@Rasp The image could have been accessible though, with an image description … 😇 🙃

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