@moiety @maloki @Rasp My boyfriend (whose mum is a midwife and whose dad was a physician) told me that in a pinch pretty well any adult can lactate and it blew my mind.

@Rasp Image description:

The picture: A beautiful transwoman is wearing a top with flower prints, raised on one half of her body to allow her to b breast feed her baby.

The text: A trans womam posted about working with her doctor and a lactation consultatn to breastfeed her and her partner's baby by following the widely used and repsected Newman-Goldfarb protocol to induce lactation. TERF's proceed to lose their minds and fail basic biology.

@Rasp It was so lovely to see it already in the awesome documentary "Transgender Parents" by Remy Huberdeau several years ago (with an awesome Q&A with the director) - but indeed, it's far too little talked about.

@Rasp One thing: THAT is possible? Wow!
The other thing: People (TERFs) are THAT stupid? Another Wow!

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