video description 

@Rasp a video of mio honda from the idolm@ster dancing with her friends to the song "step!", which has lyrics in japanese

subtitles have been provided, but they do not accurately translate the song's real lyrics. posting this song with inaccurate subtitles that tell you about something unrelated is kind of a popular meme?

in this case, the subtitles accurately read:

time for some nft facts!
nfts are bad for the environment! (ouch!)
ethereum mining produces more co2 than entire countries! (bad!)
there are also problems with art theft! (oh no!)
dead people's art has been sold as nfts without permission! (illegal!)

nfts are never ok!
there are much better ways to make money off your art!
try doing commissions or oc adopts!

you don't actually own the image! (you don't!)
you just own a hyperlink! (that's it!)
once the domain expires, anyone can buy it! (anyone!)
and then redirect it to a shock site or even malware! (scary!)

using "save image" is always ok!
there is no such thing as a "clean nft"!
the nft bubble has gotten so bad....
that the creator of nfts, anil dash, has disowned them!

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