I'm trying to develop a new... not sure probably a novel and I need someone to help me flush out the characters and jot down the series bible.

Paid position $20/hour

I'm expecting this to take 3-4 hours total but open to it going longer.

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No experience necessary but you'll need to be able to talk with me on Discord and have excellent note taking skills.

I'd prefer someone willing to provide feedback and push back against some of my ideas.

Will certainly be GL-centric so if you don't care for that maybe give this one a pass.

A passion for gay witches and subverting magical girl/superhero tropes absolutely appreciated

@Rasp how much experience is needed for this? I have never written a novel except for academic papers with the length of novels, but they only had real people as characters and their names were hidden in the citations.

I'm actually interested tho

@Erik not much you ever done any serious fiction work before?

@Rasp I've worked with serious fiction writers to host sites promoting / presenting their books. I've trained an AI to write fiction but failed miserably. So, personally, I wouldn't be a valuable asset, since I've really not written any fiction. I also wouldn't care about any money involved, would just like to help, maybe see your creative process.

@Erik Nope taking my time and thinking about it

@Rasp I'm a bit nervous to say, but I have an interest in this. I've not really had any experience with serious fiction work, and certainly not professionally. I've only done little hobby projects that dont get very far. But I do have a love of worldbuilding stuff, and can type pretty fast if that's any help.

@comfcat I'd be open to that. you have any experience with forming character arcs?

@Rasp A little bit. My favorite process is to start with the pieces before figuring out where they're going. like seeing where the jagged edges of the characters or the setting rub up against each other, and from there, arcs can sort of bloom out of the friction. It'd probably be more coherent to just create characters with flaws purpose-built around a specific theme as your starting point, but starting with the pieces helps keep me in problem solving mode which helps me keep invested in timed release type projects.

I hope I didn't ramble too much blobcatSmileSweat:

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