What did you think?

I don't really make these comics for money so RT and like it if you wanna help me out.

@Rasp oh shit i didn't realize you made these, these are awesome!

@Rasp where is the button for "this is awesome where's the next part" ?

@Truck Next part is scripted and the artist has started sketching. don't have a timeline quite yet.

@Rasp were's the "OwO this looks great you should make it real comic and sell it" option?

@Rasp i see uwu sad
Bun will read online, but I'm saying if this was in a library, I'd buy it :bunHeart:

@bunni It'd be cheaper if I could print many copies but then I'd need to figure out how and where to sell them and it'd be a huge mess.

@Rasp i know there's a french author who made a fundraiser to publish her own comic
Of course you'd need to reach a lot of people to reach an affordable goal, but from what i heard labels don't pay much so for that person it was a huge help

(For info, that person is called yatuu, her blog is here yatuu.fr/ , no english sadly
First fundraiser fr.ulule.com/erika-tome1/ for a 312 pages book it was 23โ‚ฌ
It was a huge success, so there was a second fundraiser for second volume
fr.ulule.com/erika-tome2/ same price as before

So apparently for 23โ‚ฌ/book with at least 500 backers (since that was the goal), it's viable
But yeah that sounds super hard to reach)

@yuki Neither at the moment this was a preview before it goes up on tapas.

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