@Rasp this shit makes no sense to me. It's 2021, we have real problems, mass homelessness and starvation, mass surveillance, cancer and disease, yet the world still has to have an issue with whether or not a girl wants to dress like a guy, or a guy wants to dress like a girl, all because people can't just let people be.


@default8080 @Rasp Real problems are hard to fix – in some cases, the path forward isn't even clear¹ –, but “not enough bigotry” is a really easy “problem” to fix.

We can't single-handedly fix the environment, but it's really easy to make a toxic environment that prevents people from challenging the social norms that make them uncomfortable.

¹: because the people in a position to just end the problems are either choosing not to, or are funnelling their resources into a different problem

@00dani @Rasp I'm not bashing, poor choice of words and I apologize. My point is, everyone has a right to exist, being trans hurts nobody. It just baffles me that in 2021, we still have issues regarding trans people when we have such bigger issues in the world. Apologies for my poor wording.

@default8080 @Rasp gotcha :blobcatheart:​ and yeah you're right, there's so much more important shit than moral panic over trans ppl existing

@Rasp shout out to non passing trans people i find attractive

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