@Rasp This feels like one of those things that we didn't really develop a specific psychological aversion to, but is rather a side effect of something else.
What that is, I don't know, but this person is freaking out a little unnecessarily.

I think it's called a vestigial adaptation, when we just end up with things that aren't really useful but also aren't harmful so we're just stuck with them.

@Paradox @Rasp I'm just speculating, but one possibility is that since homo sapiens existed at the same time as other human like species maybe this is the reason we wiped the rest out? That's an even more terrifying thought though, a vestigial adaptation causes us to destroy those who are like us.

@wistahe @Rasp
No I think that's just racism. Interesting thought, though.
Personally speaking, I think the concept of the uncanny valley could be described as an uneasy feeling associated with seeing something very close to being human, but off enough that you know they're not, and that approximation is creepy. Dolls are, for the most part, okay, because they're not trying hard to pass off as us.
It might also be related to our desire for symmetry, how we like things to look a certain way, and when they're not just so we can't look away. Our brains like patterns a lot, and when things fall out of pattern, we notice. The pseudohuman is just enough off pattern to make us feel fucky.

@Paradox @Rasp That makes a lot of sense. I wonder how much of our brains' pattern recognition is cultural or contextual. Like a clay bot that is slightly off could look ugly, but it could be seen as wabi sabi and as a result more authentic or with more personality. I learned in a cognitive science class that what type of music people like depends on how familiar it is and how complex it is, but those boundaries can shift over time. If uncanny creatures that looked like humans became common enough, I think over time we might stop seeing them as uncanny.

@Rasp just each other lol

that's it
that's the horror
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