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My tiny brain have been stuck for too long on p2p only data model and my lack of skill kinda make my life very frustrating I should try to make tinier stuff in classical server-clients fashion... looks more reachable...

We need server factions and ability to take control of other kingdoms please grageon-kami

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Fedi's feudal model actually make it addictive given the constant drama it generate

The Boys series is quite cool in the end

Feedbacks from when it was released didn't make me want to look at it at first...

Honestly don't post bowling ball having sex in public timelines R3 people

ffs lol

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FOX EMOJIS v1.0 RELEASED :fox_heart_eyes:

Another emoji project? That's right!
:fox_3c: Inspired by Windows 11's design of the fox emoji, but with more expressions than just this puny 🦊.

Download here:

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Raccoon emojis v1.1 :raccoon_aww:

I fixed a lot of subtle errors, improved all emojis with larger eyes (e.g.
:raccoon_pleading: ) and adjusted some colors for better clarity.



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Questions, meds ; boosts+ 

Est-ce qu'une pharmacie a le droit de refuser une ordonnance de Ritaline sous pretexte qu'elle n'est pas manuscrite ?

Et comment avoir de la Rita quand son psychiatre est en vacance et injoignable ?

C'est relativement urgent et pour une amie.

Someone made a PR for niu's ending page

denounce yourself

Okay should have fixed most media issues, missed one bolt yesterday sorry

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I think I finished working we can get back on business

Some media might be missing but everything should be back in less than ~12h sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry if there is some hiccup, haven't warned but wanted to do some tweaks on R3

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