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Does someone have a caching S3 proxy ? I need to be able to "put" stuff thru it and "get" them without hitting the S3 backend again

And having most other calls being transparently forwarded

Ma calvasse me susurre tout les jours à l'oreille de voter à droite c'est pénible

I propose to rename p2p softwares movement with a more sexy and less acronym-ous one :

The serverless movement

Neighbor have been listening to the same music for 8h now

I hope they like this song and nobody is torturing them

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I'm watching ∀ Gundam and I saw this scene last night and it's not even supposed to be funny but I was laughing so hard I was literally crying

Please stop sending me invitation request emails if you can't read what's written on the front page of r3 ffs

Follow me I post good content :
- Jean-Luc Mélenchon
- Jonluk
- Jean-Nupes Vélenchon

Bonsoir les amis, c'est l'heure du bob lennon show

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Someone have a tutorial on how to learn to :

- make compliments without feelling like a creep
- accept praises without feeling like a creep
- don't feel like a creep

It's for a friend ofc

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