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Yo gamers any good resource for finding a nice phone wallpaper?
I want a new one
I got a new case so it's time to begin GEN 2

I will be updating soon, don't scream if tiny downtime ~

Nix + Macos for my whole system seemed like a good idea at first...

Let's keep up, I can make it...

I hope...

#maysketchaday 02
Eux aussi je vais les mettre en vente à 30€ (+3e de fdp, via paypal)

J'explore viteuf des idées pour l'expo de juin, je vais voir ce que je garde, jette, et articule. Disons que là c'est des idées brutes

#art #mastoart #maysketchaday2022

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reposting this on this account lol but I forced myself to draw a lil sumthin.. it’s a design I made several years ago but I liked the colors,

Can't wait for the end of wifi and when all our router will be 5G router controlled by operators eh

Last time liberalism triumphed was at the beginning of the 20th century

Gimme username ideas............................................

My profile picture is lying I no longer have hairs

question loyer !
Si le bail ne précise rien concernant les "taxes ménagères", l'agence peut-elle les mettre dans la quittance a payer, sans avoir prévenu par une lettre avant ?

Est-ce que les petits bonnets ont une signification quelconque ?

Genre le machin entre la kippa (qui signifie un truc) et le bonnet (qui signifie pas grand chose hormis qu'on a froid jusqu'au oreilles)

The only thing I notice with arrival waves is old inactive accounts suddenly being alive again

Then ofc after the hype lower and everyone is back on twitter or <insert random social network there>

Is there something wrong with this pseudo-feederated cluster mess ? Who know

When I'm a fully grown adult I promise yall I will make something better than activitypub

Of course everything I do is better than _others_ work

How's the federated twitter going fellow tooters ?

Does anyone have any drawing sketch request? Just drop a character and I'll sketch them uvu

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