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I found a rtx 2080 on amazon

For 390€ :blobcatSipGlare:

Oh, Masto upgrade :blobcatEyes:

, tiny downtimes soon I guess !

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Vous savez où je pourrais avoir des recharges pour polaroid 600 pas trop chère ? Car là 20€ les 8 photos ça fait très beaucoup mal

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Question, nourriture (et argent) 

Je cherche un restaurant un peu classe à Paris pour fêter une occasion importante, est-ce que vous connaîtriez ça ?
Mes contraintes :

propose des plats végétariens
n'a pas besoin d'être réservé six mois à l'avance (c'est pour la semaine prochaine 😬)
un peu classe mais pas non plus un resto étoilé
à Paris, si possible facilement accessible depuis la gare de Lyon

Boosts appréciés 😊
Merci !

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Très très très bonne vidéo sur le grand remplacement et en quoi la gauche s'y prend mal contre cette théorie des fachos

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Thanks everyone for the lectures 🙏

I believed that we mostly won performances by doing stuff faster and in a more efficient way, so we could pack more performance in the same physical shell

(Ofc with additional tricks such as smarter architectures, interesting asic/instructions, etc...)

So yeah for me turning on for a 1/10 of the time a big powerhouse to perform the qame task seemed as or more efficient than running a core that would consume 1/10 of the power but run ten time longer... :bunGoogly: seems this isn't that simple lol

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I fail to understand how big.LITTLE-like stuff (and their x86 respective names) is more efficient...
How a less powerfull core, that will run for more longer to do the same task, will save energy in the long run... ??

Help my electricity-dumb brain

J'ai tjr pas fini une lettre de motivation je vais me faire disputer......

I'd love to develop a way to have low latency peer-seeded video streaming

Pretty sure it's doable with today's powerhouse that serve as our phones / laptops

Either I have a very bad memory or I fell in a new timeline but I never reminded the craze of murricans to costume themselves on twitter/fedi for Halloween lol

Does someone have institutionnal access to Springer Nature ?

I need

Boosts welcome :blobcatInLove:

Touch IDE : a code editor for the zoomer that I am that work on touchscreen/smartphone and doesn't need the keyboard for 90% of the tasks

Meta seems like a good bet : often used in overspecific cultures, not much in everyday one, sound like free advert for untrained ears imho (and us couple of internet nerd "in the know" aren't gonna change much)

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