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:tlapkaStare: :blank: 📱
:tlapkaStare: 👉📱 *bip*
:tlapkaStare: 👉📱 *bep*
:tlapkaStare: 👉📱 *bip*
:tlapkaStare: 📳
:tlapkaStare: 📱 hey this is tlapka. just calling to say i hope you have a good week next week. i know sometimes days are lame so i hope they are lame no more... ok thats all. goodnight
:tlapkaStare: 👉📱*bep*
:comfyslep: :blank: 📴

Après Carnet est Steamdeck

On se demande du coup si y'aura une version spécial Steamdeck de carnet...

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Loved this naruto episode when Lee fight bone-man drunk
And this end aaa :blobcatMeltThumbsUp:

I mean, for what I read, right now pretty much all consumers PSU are 12V only, but have tiny "going down" part before hitting the output socket........ like it's not a real big deal ig ?

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Can someone in electronic help me understand what's the deal with new atx psu standard to output only 12V ? Is that really simpler to have only 12V output ?

What's the deal with 🥴 in the puniverse

Let's start sketching for personal website...

J'crois j'ai un problème tout mes meubles de rêve doivent soit être super léger soit avoir des roues aled

Can I have tips from a suspiciously wealthy furry

Like, I have a cool catto avi

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