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Une tempête approche, l'occasion pour Gull et Technicien d'échanger sur L'échelle du FASCISME ! C'est la deuxième partie des autoritaires ; n'oubliez pas d'activer votre antipub même si on espère que le titre fera fuir les annonceurs ;)

Sur peertube :

Sur youtube :

Et sur Viméo, vous pouvez la télécharger aussi là bas :

Les sources et plus d'infos ici :

Is someone aware of some RSS client that collect everything and make bundle of new, per site, every X days ?

Like, not having everything in realtime everytime it pop, like having a journal each week or something

Yes, I lack discipline, so I don't care if that's already possible with regular ones by not reading them daily >:'D I just want something that prevent me from being too refresh-y like I am

Kinda have the Svelte's benefit of "simple and fast" while keeping... "it's just Javascript / Typescript" without having a whole new language like Svelte (beside JSX, but this one is so well supported in VScode and so simple that it's still cool)

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Solidjs is growing on me the more I use and play with it uhuh

pol 🇫🇷 (fr) 

Tiens la LFI a mis à la poubelle la campagne "Nous sommes pour !" et est revenue à la raison mdr

Yo cicadas, you don't belong to here, get out, you're way too noisy...

Changing 's inscription a bit, if you wanna join you need to know someone here now, It's quite tiring to try to check on everyone reaching me via email 💤, so aleast being invited by someone here is doing this work lol
Hope yall don't mind

Yall suggested me cool MMO but I think nothing seems fun yet

Gonna wait for Riot Games' one... maybe :blobcatEyes:

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Pair programming is awesome, but you need a pair 😔

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u can sorta plant things!?! trying to figure out tha gameplay hmm (we could have.. no inventory at all?)

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hallo im tryin to do an art pass and im not if it looks better?!! what do you think? :bunHop:

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Suggest me cool not too old MMO plz

(that isn't FF or WoW)


It's pronounced ʁaʁyʁe. And written RaRuRe, or R3 for short.
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