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TIL that Walking Dead Theme sound a lot like Empire Earth 3's main menu theme

(Didn't watched WD yet so I heard the theme by accident and thougt it was EE3's)

The gender of the day is vaisselle pas faite

Typechecking "raw" JS with just tiny JSDoc comments is pretty nice tbh

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Salut les gauchos ça vous dit d'agir concrètement pour la qualité de vie de plein de gens autour de vous aussi simplement que 3 clics ? 👀

Eh bien signez cette belle pétition ! 😊♿️

#AAH17Juin #SignezPourNotreAutonomie

Bouffe trop bonne 

Maki fait avec une omelette fine à la place de l'algue et de la banane + nutella à la place du poisson, tjr avec du riz collant ofc

:blobcatDrool: j'avais manger ça y'a quelques années...

La gauche va perdre en 2022 à cause de querelles d'ego 

À cause de Dego Malefoy

Covid, Pol 🇫🇷 

"Écoles ouvertes : le pari morbide de Blanquer et Macron"

So much* R3 account requests in my mails that I haven't replied to yet aaa

For fuck sake I'm too tired to explain that when it's written "read the rule" it mean that you need to read them :blobcatExtremeJoy:

* 3

Jumping in Vite + Solid + Typescript + Idk hypetrain yolo

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I started working on my icon pack again, which is heavily inspired by the Feather icons ( ).

- Just like Feather, you can change the stroke width
- Some icons look different
- Many icons are new
- All icons are designed to be discernible at 16x16 and to look sharp at 32x32, with the default stroke width of 1.5px.

The repo contains the Inkscape source files.

You can build optimized SVGs (good for web use) with `make icons`. They're saved in a folder called "output".
That requires scour and GNU parallel.

You can also build the showcase from this screenshot with `make showcase`. It is saved in a folder called "showcase".
That requires Pandoc and jq.
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