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Philo de comptoire 

Le débat c'est du spectacle, pas qqchose d'opti pour faire avancer nos consciences, j'ai l'impression

Après comment s'ouvrir à de nouveaux trucs et pas constamment aiguisé ton biais initial, si t'écoute que du contenu à sens unique...

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Vous connaissez des marques de lampe (ampoule ?) led pas trop chers mais qui ne clignotent pas ? Please boost !

Honestly friends interested in replicated kv/databases might be interested in this

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@Gargron It's, uh, your media gallery, but you can actually reuse the image you already uploaded, and if it kept the image descriptions it would be cool you see uwu

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Plz @Gargron implement a "Mastodon Drive" too like Misskey, it would save so much disk and bandwidth space for people that reuse images a lot...

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re: Pol 🇫🇷, Ruffin 

@Miaourt Sinon, il l’a publié sur son propre site pour éviter les filtrants (à raison) de l’affreux oiseau peint en bleu. mais comme il a mis le mot dans son url, je sais pas si ça passera…

Also might work on loonix, it's QT stuff after all, but there's enough decent image viewer there

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Btw, Windows friends that can't stand the builtin image viewer, and also start to be weary of ImageGlass bulkiness, qView is very light and very complete ❤️ !

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Check out my Linux* ricing :blobcatOwoEyes:

*Actually maybe not Linux

Pol 🇫🇷, Ruffin 

Oh, Ruffin a répondu vis-à-vis des gens qui étaient pas content car il avait profité du ban de Trump pour dire encore une fois que c'était pas cool que Twitter gère ça tout seul

Ahhh, I can't just not read it, it's funny how it's close to a toy implementation I did to also replicate efficiently a large kv database

Yet I didn't knew what was merkle tree then :blobcatExtremeJoy: I guess I miss a lot of studying in the field lmao

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Me : in exam since 3h, still 6h left, haven't started

Also me : Oh, "Merkle Search Trees:Efficient State-Based CRDTs in Open Networks" paper seems cool to read...

SIAMÉS songs are so bland in their lyrics yet the melodies are so soothing

Well, here we go again, deleting all account a second time >:'D

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Well, successfully removed from the fedi earth this time :blobcatKnifeBaby:

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