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I wonder if soon we will have from scratch videos of horrible stuff to justify anything ?

Aka soon video will not be proofs anymore :bunGoogly:

iPads are, like, the only tablet ecosystem uh

All of this shit but still using lightning connector uh

should have fixed some email issues with rarure, I don't remember who reached me for non-working email but if you could re-try and reach me that would be coolz

Wonder if there is a study of radiocative wastes of solar / wind generator vs nuclear reactor

I mean, digging this shit out of earth for make the hundred generators and stuff needed for efficient wind and solar electricity generation generate a bunch of radioactivity in those mines... :blobcatThonkang:

This, versus short lived wastes of some nuclear powerplants... :blobcatThonkang: we just need to /maybe/ ditch the military use of the stuff

Miaourt :blobcatCrown: boosted
Miaourt :blobcatCrown: boosted

Inktober 8th day: Teeth

Well... that's more tooth than teeth but who cares ? :)

#inktober #teeth #inktober2020
#ink #mastoart

Might ask that everyone might put lil bit tiny of context, most explain the action / content but often forget the basic like "a drawing of" "a photography of" "a screenshot of" :blobcatGiggle:

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Yo bruh
Yall kinda got it right on media now, descriptions are awesomes, wanna grouphug :blobcatPuffyHug:

*squoosh everyone getting too near*

And ofc use that, and only that, and never worry about anything :bunGoogly:

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Sometime I'm so desperate, banging at my compy that doesn't work for X because of Y that I just wanna shelter myself and try the "write a kernel for fun" for the rpi or whatever

Ouch, 500 bucks, and I guess it's not really something stronk

Guess I will stop trying to make brain plans for open source diy maimai lol

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Anyone know how I could find giant touchglasses ?

Like, no screen, just a giant transparent digitizer with a fairly documented output

Ngl I'm still happy this old niche show is still getting fan drawings uhuh

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A cool community, I guess.