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Looking for an editor for my novel. like all my stuff its incredibly sapphic so factor that appropriately.

While its not sexually explicit there are sexual themes and implied BDSM

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Macron s'alliant au RN, on tombe des nues hein, eh

More context : when you do eye surgery, the "lens" inside ya eyes change, so ya brain must adapt your vision to your new hardware

For example, when you look at far stuff, your eye adapt to have it crisp, same for close things

But when the lens change, you still have the same reflex and it kinda take time to readapt to the new "normal" for you eyes

But seems like mines kinda went very lazy lol, but that's only my diagnostic, maybe my left eye just suck again and surgery was a waste of money :blobcatSad:

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Eyes surgery update, after almost a year :
I feel like one of my eye gave itself the work on close up things, and the other one on far things, but both sucks at their non-specific field

It suck

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MNT Pocket Reform is coming!

Here are all the technical details that are nailed down so far: mntre.com/media/reform_md/2022

You can also sign up for email updates on the project at the end of the page.

Ana Dantas returned for industrial design. The snazzy 3D art was done by Philipp Broemme. Illustrations by Anri Hennies.

@electrocutie ty a bunch, in the end what I understand is that unless you know how X or Y type/function do an allocation there's no way of knowing from the signature or something like that ? Rust trait ?

We can't create pointers/dynamics on the stack in rust ?

@ilovecomputers yes I hate it, that why I alway carry my 1L bottle

Can we know when rust make a memory allocation ?

Same, how do we know in Go ?

I keep seeing "zero alloc libs" but I never had to alloc anything on my own in both languages (admit limited interaction in rust)

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