@Paradox afaiks btree mostly organize themselves for knowing the right and left id to them, that's a way of indexing ids/keys

Here's I'm more in an abstract way, as I already make my tree sit on a key-value store on top of a btree

Just wondered if this specific kind of tree was something already implemented so I could read on it

@Paradox well, uh, sorry to not by clear

I will use the terminologies I used in my code uh :
- I have "nodes", nodes have an unique id, the id of their parent, a content, and optionally a target
- this allow me to move them freely, without having to worry their parents lose track of them. (eg if I had a list of children in the parent, I would have to change multiples parents to move a children)
- this also allow me to build a tree, by starting from the root, I ask all the node that have the root for parent, and then repeat the operation
- this also allow me to do shortcuts, with this "target" stuff I could point it to any node

@Paradox well, child itself doesn't really exist, it's done with an index lol ("who have X for parent ?"), so yeah the parent vertice isn't aware of it's children

I wanna keep most of the stuff in "one operation", aka I just need to change one vertice to change all the data needed :blobcatNotLikeThis:

I was just wondering if it had a name, since everything I do, I discover few month later some wizard in the last decade invented it too lol

@p but parents here technically don't know their childrens, and don't care

@p well it's an, uh, inverted tree imho because each vertice MUST have a parent

Graph nerds, how do I call a "graph" that :
- Is basically a tree
- Each vertices have a parent (that point to either another vertice or the root)
- Each vertice have a payload
- Each vertice have an optional edge that can point to another vertice

@na sinon ouais utiliser un langage de dev pk pas mais bon erhhhh flemme

J'veuw le truc de ddg en local quoi mdr

@ayo with such a common name I expected some project link or manpage idk

What's yall favorite command-line math tool ?

Like, I use ddg's ability to calc my basic need, but a native, more complete and fast one would be pretty

Happy bday @ilovecomputers (yeah it's not even midnight here, I'm 1min early, AH)

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