@lucifargundam lmao yeah, this "keyboard" is funny

Well, I have a Steelseries Apex Raw, but it's quite a big boy, I'd like to have something similar but more compact

So in proof-of-stake blockchains you really win more money the... more money you have

Unhelpful joke answer 

@wolf480pl too clicky/noisy huhu :blobcat3cSmirk:

@ilovecomputers this asshole wasn't mighty enough to be close to your tree :blobcatHmpf:

Mechanic keyboard fans, what are the switch you'd recommend me that have short travel / low profile, and VERY EARLY tactile feel (kinda don't move until you put enough pressure on them to activate them)

Kinda mimic-ing silicones domes I guess lol

@6a62 i'd like to get handy tbh

I think I like the tactile side of membrane keebs, where bottoming them up mean actuation, and nothing else, and that actuation force is uh... non-linear ? Like, you can press and until your gave it enough force to actuate then it move ?

I'm gonna be honest I like the silicon dome feeling a lot but it's quite complicated to find something nice and small performance oriented

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If I ask keyboard fans out there for "hackable membrane keyboards" what do you have in stock ?

Fusion between Fairphone and Pixel plz

Good hardware/software integration (not dirty very unsafe hacks like fairphone 1/2/3) and repairability plz

@pasty here it's funny how tankies and right winger both worships hand in hand china lol

How weird..........

Trying to clean discord, even by hand, deletion api is TOO MUCH sensitive you can't right click too fast lmao

@dashie je veux une société basée sur le jeu vidéo svp

@mrtino petit bourgeois culturel sociologue pardon :blobcatPensive:

@Ytrezar are you sure u aren't misspelling Halloween ?

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