@kaerhon ah oui marcher/courir un peu vite en hiver je connais

Framework released the source of their embedded controller firmware under BSD license 👀

Léo ✨ boosted

Mdr EDF mtn le numéro 3004 c'est que pour les abonnement "au prix du marché"

Pour le tarif réglementé c'est 0969321515

Les fourbes

Trying to keep a low pace when speaking kinda help me look less dumb and manage to think more before saying dumb shit

Too bad i'm still dumb inside teh-eh

@wxcafe j'aime trop ces ptites stations aériennes :blobcatPuffyMelt: zolie photo

@Eramdam "yo get the fuck back on your paper stop scrolling wikipedia"

@Eramdam I'm sure it could broke some adhd tactics eheh

- Damn, how do you find Pry every time?
- Depends on the wind.

@pry ya really that lightweight ? Saw 50kg friends giving theirs, just don't have exercices and eat/drink proprely after that

@ocean (I'm soon getting bit of orders in my life so gaming soon, idk when your gameshifts collide with mine, I also have to play with applehq !! )

@ocean ya will have to carry me hard I'm not stronk killer

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