AyΓ©, c'est actΓ©, un nouveau confinement ?

@ocean can't do both at work ? Mewing in front of <task> ?

@seiko I think checking up if your are up to date to the vaccine is good anyway :blobcatFearful:

Miaourt :blobcatCrown: boosted

Je vais supprimer mon kimsufi Γ  10€/mois, 4go de RAM et 2 to de hdd.
Γ‡a interesse quelqu'un ?

re: appellations vulve 

@kaerhon Γ§a veut dire "gros matou" :blobcat3cSmirk:

re: appellations vulve 

@kaerhon pourquoi pas appeler ton chat raminagrobis

Not gonna lie, Element (Riot (Matrix)) UX is very pretty

@avery big big overhead and, uh, infinite log @@

Like, KV database that can be massive BUT synced with a main server which have authority

It's quite simple, no ?

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I just want to have indexeddb offline and synced with upstream when online ffs...

@xj9 oh, wasn't trying to enforce this tool into your toolbet for what ya workin' on

Just wondered if you had opinion on that, since it seems to be sort of issued from the ssb extended familly :blobcat3cSmirk:

@xj9 I mean, the stuff is made so you can implement it fast, and doesn't seems to be forced into http for sharing of document...

@kondziu I betted that you would do a similar joke :blobcat3cSmirk:

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